Camp Millionaire for kids and teens is the most profoundly unique and effective financial education program on the face of the planet. Camp Millionaire can be used as a financial education curriculum in schools or as a summer financial literacy camp curriculum.

You can use the program:

Students learn how to make, manage, multiply, and donate their money wisely using the following 30 Creative Wealth Principles (Rules to the Money Game). The students/campers are exposed to all 30 Principles in every program, however, the length of the program determines how in-depth we go into each topic.


It is a financial education game where the kids are the pieces of the game. If you're looking for a unique, action-packed, information-rich, imagination-igniting financial education program to provide your group then look no further. Imagine the moment that the world of money was simply a game and that all you had to do to win the game was to learn the rules of that game. Well, guess what. Money really is just a game and if we learn the simple, time-tested rules that the wealthy people use to get and stay, wealthy, we can be wealthy, too.

By attending The Money Game, students learn the following:

  • Paychecks
  • Federal, State, and Local Taxes   
  • Social Security, and Medicare/ Medicaid. 
  • Everyday Expenses and Bills - Utilities, Rent, Car, Insurance, and Credit Cards
  • The financial cost of Life Events. 
  • Recording and keeping track of your money, assets, and liabilities 
  • And learn about earned and passive income, and so much more!
The Money Game® provides an opportunity for participants to learn how to make, manage, and multiply their money wisely, so they can grow up financially free.
For Ages 10 and Up!
Offered as 1 or 2 Hour Program
Online-Zoom Interactive or In Person-Live