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About Camp Millionaire

Camp Millionaire for kids and teens is the most profoundly unique and effective financial education program on the face of the planet.

Camp Millionaire is a unique, highly effective, interactive financial literacy education curriculum for summer camps or any school program age 10 and up. Students learn how to make, manage, multiply and donate their money wisely using the following 30 Creative Wealth Principles (Rules to the Money Game). The students/campers are exposed to all 30 Principles in every program, however, the length of the program determines how in-depth we go into each topic.

About The Money Game

Is a financial education game where the kids are the pieces of the game. If you're looking for a unique, action-packed, information-rich, imagination-igniting financial education program to provide your group then look no further. Imagine the moment that the world of money was simply a game and that all you had to do to win the game was to learn the rules to that game. Well, guess what. Money really is just a game and if we learn the simple, time-tested rules that the wealthy people use to get and stay, wealthy, we can be wealthy, too.